Frequently Asked Questions

My child has no experience in the sport. Will they be able to learn and work with people at their skill level?

Yes. Children will be grouped by skill level and age so they can receive the best and appropriate coaching.

Will children be grouped by skill level or age?

Children will be grouped by skill level and age. They will be evaluated by coaches to assure they are in the correct place.

My child is interested in trying multiple sports. Can they do that or do they have to stick with one?

Yes. We encourage children to try all sports and find something they enjoy. Campers will have the option to try different sports if that is what they choose.

My child tried one sport and decided they did not like it after the first day. Will they be able to switch?

Yes. If a child is not happy with the sport they tried, we are more than happy to help them find something else they enjoy. Please just let us know as soon as you can so we can make proper arrangements.

Can my child request to be with their friends even if they are different skill levels?

We encourage children to stay grouped with others in the same skill level. However, we understand that some children need to be around their friends and we are happy to accommodate them to find the best environment for each camper.

Will meals and snacks be provided?

Lunch and snacks will be provided each day of camp.

Is there an early drop-off option?

There will be an early drop-off option at an additional cost for 8 a.m. Campers will be provided a light breakfast during this time.

What Covid-19 precautions will be taken?

We want everyone to feel safe at our facility. Temperature checks will take place upon entrance and we will be following the state-dictated guidelines regarding masks. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility.

My child can’t attend the entire duration of the camp. Is that ok?

Yes, if your child needs to leave early or arrive late, please just let us know in advance by emailing [email protected].

What type of coaching and instruction will happen during the camps?

Campers will participate in a variety of activities that are tailored to help them learn and develop skills in their sport(s) of choice. They will do drills to help with athletic performance, learn information about the sport, and participate in scrimmages and games with instruction from our coaches.

Who are the coaches teaching at the camp?

South OC Sports works with top club coaches from a variety of the top leagues and programs in the area such as A4, and Saddleback.

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